I fucking hate republican/right wing 20 year olds. Like are you fucking serious? Stop rehashing shit your parents say because you’re uninformed. And as students, and the future gen of Australia we are the ones that are going to picking up the pieces of this horrible government who are quickly destroying the environment, women’s policies, starting wars, defunding Indigenous communities and refusing Asylum to people fleeing war. Fuck you Liberal party and fuck you Liberal supporting 20 year olds. 

And don’t get me started on the Telegraph reading sexist dickheads who say “Anyone’s better than Gillard” SHUT UP, the Media/her own party treated her terribly, she was asked on a NATIONAL RADIO STATION as the PRIME MINISTER whether her Boyfriend was gay, i mean are you fucking serious?????????? a man would never be treated like that, and now she is still treated like a witch as Abbott and Murdoch painted her out to be. FUCK OFF.